Hudhud Cyclone Relief Fund

Please join with us to help Hudhud Cyclone relief efforts!

Total Amount Raised: $6315

2014 Fresh Indian Snack Sale – by Subhadra Pamidigantam and friends(Columbus, Ohio): Raised: $3000

2009: In 2009 (September 29 to October 2), heavy rains due to depression in the Bay of Bengal and low pressure from the Arabian Sea caused flash floods in north Karnataka and the Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh, affected nearly two million people and claimed many lives. With your full support, we raised funds, collected 230 boxes of cloths, and sent all donations to flood effected areas.

CRC Adopt-A-School Program

Clothes and Fund drive(2009)    

Schools Kits Distribution in Flood Effected Areas-1 (2009)    

Schools Kits Distribution in Flood Effected Areas-2 (2009)

2014: Last month(October), Cyclone Hudhud wrecked homes, uprooted trees and power lines, blocked roads and damaged crops in the Vizag City of AP State, India. Hudhud not only emerged as first high intensity cyclonic storm in 2014 to make landfall at wind speeds of 206 kmph, but also the third highest intensity cyclonic storm out of the 515 cyclonic storms that developed in either the Bay of Bengal or the Arabian Sea since 1891. The beautiful and green city of Visakhapatnam, a major industrial, educational and tourism hub in the east coast, is still reeling under the impact of havoc caused by the cyclonic storm Hudhud and is picking up pieces from a trail of destruction left behind by the calamity.

Now we need your support again. You can send your donations directly to AP State CM Relief fund or through our CRC Non-Profit organization (Tax-ID: 27-3685625). Our CRC India team will make sure to use these funds to address some of their most urgent needs at the effected areas by working with local organizations. You will get 100% Tax-Exemption for your donation. Please join us in helping to support Hudhud Cyclone relief efforts. Your donation will help provide critical aid to those in need.
All donors will receive a detailed report how your donation helped to Cyclone victims including details of expense receipts for every dollar we used.
You get 100% Tax-Exemption for this donation. visit CRC India Adopt-A-School , Non-Profit and Tax-Exempt Charitable Organization.

Please Contact: Bhaskara Rudraraju, 614-446-1794,, for additional details.

Adopted Families and Schools

Please Support Hudhud Cyclone Relief Efforts!

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You are going to make a big difference in many lives who got effected with Hudhud Cyclone. Your donation ($5/$10/$25/$50/$100/$200…) will help to make the Vizag City Green again.

Please note: Even though online donation (Donate By Credit Card) option is available in our website, we recommend our donors to donate by check to save 2.2% + 0.30 fee for each online transaction. If possible, please write a check on our non-profit name. Our goal is to save every dollar for a good cause.

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Hudhud Cyclone Relief Fund

Donate by Check:

Please write a check to the “Community Recycling Campaign”, 3938 Hampshire Ave, Powell, Ohio, 43065-7766


“Fresh Indian Snack Sale” – Subhadra Pamidigantam (Dublin, OH) with support of Ravi Kumari Durvasula, Kameswari Gudimetla, Laxmi Pandrangi, Radhika Kothapalli,Aparna Appikatla,Padmaja Medicherla, Suryam Rao Aunti,Padmavathi Rudraraju, Rukmini Nanduri, Y P Rao uncle, Jayasri Yarramsetty , Latha Kopuri, Varaha Appikatla, Rajesh Prasad, Kokila Azhagesan)- $2731

Raju Indukuri (Lewis Center,OH)- $558

Surya Rudraraju- MeridianSoft Inc.( (Lewis Center,OH)- $500

Prasad Gattupally (Westerville, OH) – $400

Seshagiri Rao Nanduri (New Albany, OH) – $250

Srinivas Koripella (Detroit,MI) – $200

Chandra Grandi (Detroit,MI) – $200

Bhaskara Rudraraju (Powell,OH)- $200

Serve Humanity Intensly/Shri YP Rao/FIA (Dublin,OH)- $200

Sai Sampathnath Pamidigantam (Dublin,OH)- $200

Jayasri Yarramsetty (Lewis Center, OH), Latha Kopuri (Dublin, OH), an Subdra Pamidigantam (Dublin, OH) – $160

Jayajyothi Dandu (Lewis Center, OH) – $150

Sridhar Kaza (Dublin, OH) – $100

Viswa Alluri (Dublin, OH) – $100

Rajesh Bathina (Powell, OH) – $100

Nagendra Rangavajla (Dublin, OH) – $100

Dr.Hanumantha Unnava (Dublin, OH) – $100

Sridhar Vegesna (New Albany, OH) – $100

Mohan Viddam(Dublin, OH) – $xxx

Chandra Parasa(Delaware, OH) – $xxx

Sapna Korecherla(Delaware, OH) – $51

Mallesh Anksapuram (Dublin, OH) – $25

Ganesh Mudunuri(Dublin, OH) – $25

Sneha Datla (Ontario, Canada) – $25

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  1. “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” ― Mother Teresa

  2. Jyothi Dandu says:

    A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple!!

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